Warren Jacobson (BC) EXPOSED

"It was fantastic! It was my second time attending in Seattle and we were able to bring a group of 9 from our church in Kelowna B.C."  (Jill Stickle, https://the1project.org/resources/quotes/seattle-2014)  Her church, Son Valley, was founded in direct response to the large number of fallen Adventists in the Kelowna area.  Its a place where "Lost people matter to God and to our church" (http://sonvalley.org/956):

Bim has an older, but still very nice, house directly on the lake up in Okanagan Centre.  When he slides into one of the back pews at Son Valley, maybe once a month, this fallen brother grooves to the music and enjoys the exceedingly friendly fellowship.


His daddy was a committed Adventist who came up at Mile 21, where he often acted as Sabbath School superintendant.

And always acted as a first-rate businessman.  After stints in other people's mills at Mission and on the island, Brother Harold Jacobson set out on his own.  People "looked, and there before me stood "a tree in the middle of the land. Its height was enormous.  The tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the ends of the earth. Its leaves were beautiful, its fruit abundant, and on it was food for all. Under it the wild animals found shelter, and the birds lived in its branches; from it every creature was fed."  (Daniel 4 NIV, Holy Bible)

His former employees are spread out over Canada.  Many of them with white hair now.  But they all remember Harold Jacobson as the best employer they ever had.


And, of course, Brother Harold Jacobson remembered the cause of God.  When a congregation wanted to build a new church, they could approach Harold.  Who would donate the lumber.  He'd usually send a man out to inspect the site.  Then send along a crew with the lumber trucks to help build the church.

Many churches.  And even the lodge and campmeeting pavilion at Hope.


While Harold was busy building up a big business to the honor and glory of God, his wife Verna gave him a lot of unsolicited advice.


At one point Harold said, I can't run my business and be married to Verna at the same time.

An earnest student of the Word, Brother Harold read that "Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders".  (Hebrews 12:1 NIV, Holy Bible)

He divorced.

And his business prospered even more. 

After several years of enjoying the single life in prime time, Harold married once more, and was blessed with a little one -- little Joseph.

He eased into retirement at the Silvertip Ranch in Williams Lake, and enjoyed frequent fishing trips to places like Haida Gwaii.   

His mind was sharp as a tack, and his health excellent.  Until he needed a pacemaker.


Harold went to St. Paul's in Vancouver to get the job done.

"Someone" was not slow to sense the opportunity to strike back at God's one true church for the end time.  The resident incorrectly inserted a probe for a temporary pacemaker, piercing the ventricular wall.  Blood flooded in and cut off oxygen to the brain for six minutes.

So the hospital contacted Harold's wife Shari in Williams Lake?


Not quite.  The hospital paperwork listed Verna as his wife.

Now things got interesting.  Bim wanted to put Harold in a nursing home in Kelowna.  The second wife, Shari, in Williams Lake was a qualified nurse who could easily care for Harold.


Bim claimed that Harold had bruises and accused Shari of mistreating Harold.


For a time Harold was in a nursing home in Kelowna.  Bim influenced Harold to rewrite his will.  In the last year of his life.

The doctor caring for Harold in Kelowna was appalled by these tactics.  So one day, when Bim and the evil sister weren't around, Harold was loaded into an ambulance and sent off to his home and family in Williams Lake.


Bim and the evil sister were sore losers, so they chased the ambulance for a while.

Even after Harold arrived in Williams Lake, Bim and the evil sister tried to get him back.  But the doctor didn't go along with this, because the doctor "thought he would be lynched by the children in Kelowna."

"I can hardly wait to see the impact on our church." (Jill Stickle, https://the1project.org/resources/quotes/seattle-2014)

Harold passed away.  (click pic at left to enlarge)

The Adventist church in Williams Lake had just burned down, so the funeral was conducted in the Bethel church.

Bim and the evil sister said Shari couldn't send flowers for the platform unless they were "the right color".


"What an incredible thing to realize that others share your heart for Jesus" (Jill Stickle, https://the1project.org/resources/quotes/seattle-2014):  Bim insisted that Shari and Harold's youngest son Joseph had to sit on the other side of the church from Bim, the good sister, and the evil sister.

"I had expected to fall more in love with Jesus, but didn't expect to love my church more as well" (Jill Stickle, https://the1project.org/resources/quotes/seattle-2014):  After the funeral, Bim, Verna & Co. effectively froze Shari and Joseph out of their lives.  "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." (John 13:35 NIV, Holy Bible)

They say that Bim never had a real job.  But as you can see, Bim did a real job on his daddy.  In the last year of his life, when the old man was often helpless and confused.

So "Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says." (James 1:22 NIV, Holy Bible) 

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